Coin Price 24h % Ranks among the Top 5 Exchanges with a Positive Net Deposit Amount

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With authentic trading data, is dedicated to providing a secure trading environment in which users can enjoy the best trading services. Verified by BTI, the exchange is one of the top 10 exchanges by real volume. Furthermore, is rated as the exchange with the highest level of security by Hacken. According to the Exchange Wallet Monitoring Report, released by CryptoDiffer recently, the exchange ranks among the top 5 exchanges with a positive net deposit amount, following closely after Bitfinex, whose position we might surpass in the near future.

In the upcoming 7th anniversary of, we want to thank our users for their support and trust in, where we hold transparency and authenticity to a high standard. The certificates for the 'myavailableproof' tool will be released as scheduled. Moreover, we are striving to become a licensed global exchange, developing into an exchange with an extraordinary level of security, reliability, and efficiency.

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Positive Net Deposit Amount: is a trading platform that does not charge listing fee, only launches quality projects, and provides users with 100% guarantee and instant deposit-withdrawal services.
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March.22, 2020
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