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Fees charge you?

At, you can enjoy our best service with low fees from deposit, trading all the way to withdrawal, no matter you are a spot trader, margin trader or a perpetual contract trader.

Deposit-- Zero Fee
No deposit fee is charged at

Extremely Low Trading fee --- Tier based discount and Maker-Taker fee schedule

In spot and margin trading markets, has implemented two tier schemes where user can enjoy further discount based on their volume as well as GT holding. Being an active user or a GT holder, you will benefit from it.

Tier Scheme I:

(Based on 30- day's trading volume + average daily GT holdings for a rolling 14 days)

Tier Scheme II:

(Based on average daily GT holding for a rolling 14 days only)

Moreover, using Point to pay trading fees can give you more effective discount.
1 point=1 USDT in trading fee, but the cost of 1 point is far less than 1 USDT. Trading fee at is extremely low.

Low Withdrawal Fee
For a majority of coins , fee is charged per transaction, regardless of the amount you are withdrawing. While withdrawal fee varies for each coin, fee is low in general. Please log in your account and access the withdrawal page for the coin you're interested to check the fee.

Low Fee for Perpetual Contract Trading

Trading fee for Perpetual Contract:
For perpetual contract, we use a Maker-Taker fee schedule, where takers pay fee and makers receive a fee rebate.
Maker : -0.025%

Taker : 0.075%

Further discount using Point
If you have Point in your contract account (transfer it from exchange account to contract account first), you can use Point to cover part of the taker fee.
For taker fee, 0.025% will be paid in BTC-- that part will be given to the maker as a reward.
The remaining part, 0.05%, can be paid by Point. 1 Point=1 USD in fee deduction. We will use BTC_USD index price as the exchange rate to calculate quantity of points to be deducted.
Trading fee is charged based on the position value, irrespective of the leverage.