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2020-09-15 20:25:35Read:29496 bi-weekly report brings hot events and breaking news to help you stay ahead of the market.Here is a a quick recap of what matters most to you in the past two weeks:

  • GateCahin HipoSwap protocol whitepaper released, locking GT to earn USDG coming soon,
  • More DeFi liquidity mining products launched at HODL & Earn.
  • New projects voted and listed and airdropped to voters.
  • 10 dollar equivalent crypto referral reward for new accounts
  • remains No.1 at CER as the most trusted exchange in the world.

1. HipoSwap protocol whitepaper released, locking GT to earn USDG coming soon
HipoSwap is a high potential AMM protocol for token exchange, a core part in Gate DeFi eco-. We have released whitepaper of HipoSwap and you can read more at At the same time, the functionality of staking GT to earn stablecoin USDG is coming soon. GT is going to be used more widely in the DeFi eco-

2. HODL&Earn
We have launched more products to HODL&Earn section to allow our users to earn passive income. Our users can earn high reward by simply holding USDT, ETH, BTC, KIMCHI, or SUSHI (our flexible investment) or locking GT and ONT ( lockup investment). View more and participate at

3. New Projects Listed and Voters Rewarded
We have listed MINI,CREAM,CVP, DF, RING, KTON, PEA, SWRV, BOT, ULU,SASHIMI,SUN,GOF, TON PHA, WGRT, STPT, GS, OIN, AVA and BOX, to expand our users reach to new coins. Among those, PHA, WGRT, STPT, GS, OIN, AVA and BOX were listed based our users voting and those who voted have received the voting reward as well. TON was offered at startup section with a favorable price.

4.10 Dollar Per New Referral Reward
Starting from September 1, we launched a referral reward campaign to give a reward of a 10 usdt equivalent crypto to a new referral. Reward goes to both the referee and referrer. You can share your referral link and start to earn a reward.

5. Remains No.1 at CER As The Most Trusted Exchange In The World.
The August, continued to be No.1 at CER ranking . We have been there since July. Read more at

6. August GT Buyback and Burn 568872.616554GT
In August 2020, 568872.616554GT were bought back and burned. Learn more at

7. Support NBS Reward For BTS Holder

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